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Pope 'shocks' Chile with abuse remark

House told of arrests, death linked to Trump dossier

Shirtless Putin takes icy dip in Russian lake to mark Epiphany

Putin takes icy dip to mark Epiphany

Shamans 'interceded' for Pontiff


Pope married couple aboard his plane

Little Big Brother: Amazon now 'steamrolling' restaurants

Will U.S. government 'shut down'?

Upheaval watch: California versus Washington

Prayer need: details emerge on captive siblings

Graham daughter warns on looming judgment

Michigan minister prophesied quake-comet

Swerves: another big chill

Conservatives seek to split up 'tyrannical' California

Healthy foods at Wal-Mart

Where are the birds?

More getting vaccinations and more also opting out

Image result for nebula looks like eyeIs 'little big brother' watching you?

Good bishops equal vocations

Alleged seer: how angels look and how to invoke them

'Loving is not the same as kindness'

Anthony of the Desert: how he defeated the devil

His discipline and solitude

He was Saint Augustine's inspiration

Atlanta man 'sees' into the supernatural

Padre Pio's final Mass

Website chooses 'saint of the year' for you

Secret acts of kindness

A spiritual warfare prayer for conversion of loved one

Michael Brown Florida retreat: St. Augustine

To receive Grace, expect the best

Special Report (new): 'remnant dinosaurs' or principalities?

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Retreat, Baton Rouge!

Holy Land with Michael H. Brown

Donations (new): we need and appreciate it!

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Dolan links abortion with 'powers of darkness'

A mistake?

Exorcist: I've met hundreds possessed

Media loses control of abortion debate

Healing and 'offering up'

Watch how you lock your car

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