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Stories of angels and miraculous abound


'With wealth comes responsibility'


What happened to Jesus's robe?


Campaign for total liturgical freedom


Mediums and occult practices


Opponents of Francis 'maneuvering'?


Pio Foundation set to release ten new photos


Building a culture that builds vocations


Franciscan University still producing priests


History of priest who celebrated first U.S. Mass


Optimism and pessimism


A million rosaries

Saint Michael the Archangel and the Art ...


Critical to exorcisms: hope


Michael Brown retreat, St. Augustine, Fla. May 18


Pilgrimage: Fatima, Avila, Lourdes


Special Report (new): the coming U.S. civil war?


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Te Deum Foundation 2024 Fatima Peace Pilgrimage, July 17-30


206 Tours Catholic Pilgrimages Year-Round To Holy Land, Medjugorje, Fatima, Lourdes, Italy, Camino, Poland, Greece, Ireland, & More!

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Now nuns seek restraining order on bishop

World watch: Pacino plays troubled priest

Health watch: study says 'less likely to die' under female doctor

Creation: 'incredible' clip shows scientist and octopus communicating

Was Jesus older than we think?

The action of priests during Titantic

Archeologist finds old cherries at Washington home

Retreat in Florida, 5/18: prophetic pulse

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Vatican set to release new guidelines on discerning apparitions


Seven arrested in bishop's stabbing

Gentle Jesus, Good Shepherd Brushed Aluminum Icon Jesus Christ,  Compassionate and Caring - Etsy


And the bishop most likely to ride a subway with his flock is?


Map: where abortions are banned


Flares erupt on sun


Russian hackers cause Texas water tower to overflow


'Putin's no Jesus'


Praise God: DeSantis nixes satanists


Sad: vandals smash 100-year-old statue


Sixty-six percent against abortion after three months


Avoiding sleeplessness


Another exorcism movie


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